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Wellness Clinic

With the right treatment and proactive monitoring, it’s possible to live your life with minimal IBD symptoms.

Maintaining your general wellness — like keeping your vaccinations up to date, getting regular health checkups and periodically reviewing your medications — can help. At the IBD Wellness Clinic, we connect current patients with our IBD nurses who can assist you in proactively managing your health.


  • What do you mean by wellness? Physical wellness or mental wellness as well?

    During wellness checks at the IBD Wellness Clinic, we will discuss a wide range of both physical and mental health maintenance with you. This could include talking about mental health assessments as well as your vaccination status, current medications, cancer screening and other topics.

  • Why is proactive assessment and monitoring important?

    Staying on top of your health may minimize risk of future flares or side effects of therapy.

  • What will happen when I come to the Wellness Clinic?

    We will discuss and review your symptoms, nutrition status, vaccinations, medications, mental health assessments, cancer screening and a variety of other subjects.

  • How often do I need to visit the Wellness Clinic?

    You should visit the Wellness Clinic every one to two years.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    Yes. If you need more information on how to book an appointment click here.