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Telehealth Services

The IBD Centre of BC cares for thousands of patients all over British Columbia – whether or not they live close to our Vancouver clinic.

For people who live in remote areas, it’s not always practical to travel to the Lower Mainland to see us in person, especially if they don’t need to have a physical exam.


  • What is telehealth?

    Telehealth uses technology as a bridge between people and the vital medical services they require.

    BC is a Canadian leader in telehealth, bringing the best medical services to smaller urban, rural, First Nations and remote communities by eliminating distance and travel concerns through secure telehealth platforms, such as video conferencing, web portals, data messaging, and more.

  • Why does The IBD Centre of BC use telehealth?

    Telehealth allows The IBD Centre of BC to provide our patients with geographic equity using the latest technologies to provide enhanced monitoring, improved education and greater access to our multidisciplinary team of specialists. Our patients benefit from having a personal connection with our team members, without the burden of travel. Studies show that telehealth for IBD patients reduces disease activity and improves their quality of life.

    In addition to patient care, we leverage telehealth to provide IBD education to support local physicians and allied health-care providers through monthly, province-wide video conferences.