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Surgical Clinic

Many of our patients will require surgery to manage their disease.

In fact, nearly three quarters of people with Crohn’s disease and one in seven with ulcerative colitis will need surgery at some point to help treat their IBD. Our surgical clinic, run by surgeons and nurses in close collaboration with other health-care professionals, including your IBD gastroenterologist, colorectal surgeon and dietitian, aims to keep you as healthy as possible before your surgery day.


  • How do I get referred to the IBD Surgical Clinic?

    After assessment by one of the gastroenterologists at The IBD Centre of BC, you will be referred to one of our surgeons for a consultation.

  • Do I come to the Centre for my surgery?

    No. Your surgery will be performed at St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver.

  • Why is a multidisciplinary approach (involving a variety of healthcare professionals) so important?

    Working together, your healthcare team — including your IBD gastroenterologist, colorectal surgeon and dietitian — ensures all aspects of your health are attended to, so you’re as healthy and prepared as you can be for surgery.