Inflammatory Bowel Disease strikes British Columbians of all ages and all stages of life. The IBD Centre of BC works with a dedicated team of specialists to provide vital — and personalized — support and care as patients navigate everyday life with IBD. Find out more by clicking on one or more of our services listed below.


Young Adults with IBD Clinic

Support, tools and skills for youth who are newly diagnosed or are transitioning out of pediatric care

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Pregnancy Clinic & Registry

Information and support from preconception to pregnancy to post-partum

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Psychology Services

Assessment, therapy and referral services for anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns

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Psychiatry Services

Support for more complex mental health needs

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Diet & Nutrition Services

Strategies and evidence-based recommendations around food, supplements, symptom management and more

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Telehealth Services

State-of-the-art virtual appointments for patients and video training for healthcare providers who cannot travel to our centre

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Wellness Clinic

Live life with minimal IBD symptoms through proactive health management

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Surgical Clinic

Many patients with IBD will require surgery

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Flare Clinic

Avoid unnecessary emergency room visits through timely access to IBD health-care professionals

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Ostomy Care

Get access to certified wound and ostomy nurses who will help you before and after surgery.

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