Informed Consent.

There is much to be done in IBD research. Our medical and scientific team strives to stay abreast of the latest discoveries and findings in IBD care, treatments, and disease management. That is why we ask that you freely and voluntarily give your consent to participate in our research efforts.



  • 1. What is Express Consent?

    Express consent is when someone agrees to the collection, use or disclosure of their personal health information which can be provided verbally or in a written agreement, like a consent form (see reference from Doctors of BC).

  • 2. Why does the IBD Centre of BC need my information?

    There is a team of IBD-trained medical professionals at The IBD Centre of BC, including experienced and recognized researchers in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), committed to helping people with IBD live better lives. Obtaining patient information for clinical and secondary purposes is critical to improving the quality of your care and the performance of the health care system.

  • 3. What will my information be used for?

    Your information may be used to:

    • Conduct clinical research studies to better understand the natural history of the disease and disease behaviour, analyze and understand the response to therapy.
    • Report and/or publish research findings, data insights and conclusions with anonymized information in a manner that your identity will remain confidential.
    • Contact you in the future about enrolment in specific research studies.
  • 4. What happens if I don’t provide consent?

    If you don’t provide expressed consent, it will not impact the care you receive from the IBD Centre of BC in any way. However, we do ask that you let us know your consent decision (yes or no) on the express consent form so we can keep track of this in your medical record.  

  • 5. I’ve already signed a consent form, why do I need to sign another one?

    We’ve recently updated our consent form to give you more details about what your health information may be used for. By signing this new consent form, we can update your consent decision in your medical record.

  • 6. Can I change my decision?

    Yes. If you have previously provided express consent, you are able to withdrawal your consent at any time. Similarly, if you have not provided express consent but wish to do so, you can change your mind. Contact our office at 604-416-4444 ext. 278 to make any changes to your consent decision.

  • 7. Where can I go for more information?

    Please contact the IBD Centre of BC if you have additional questions. You can reach us at 604-416-4444 ext. 278.