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Nutrition During an IBD Flare

Getting adequate nutrition during an IBD flare is important to help support healing of the gut, minimize weight loss, and prevent malnutrition. For information on potential trigger foods and tips to optimize  Read more

Nourishing Liquids

High protein and calorie fluids can be beneficial for some people with IBD. This may especially be the case for those with stricturing disease, during times of flare-up or post-surgery, or for those wanting to add  Read more

What is resistant starch?

Resistant starch has created some buzz in the world of nutrition and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) recently with claims suggesting it may be a beneficial dietary component or supplement. In today’s blog we take a  Read more

Probiotics and Prebiotics in IBD

Probiotics and prebiotics are hot topics in the world of gut health. You’ve probably heard of them before and may be wondering if they play a role in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Read more

The Lowdown on Omega-3s

It's important to have omega-3s in your diet. This article considers the what, why and how of these fatty acides. Read more