A multidisciplinary clinic, education and research centre serving the over 25,000 British Columbians living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, The IBD Centre of BC addresses the challenges facing these individuals, their families and the provincial health-care system by delivering timely, efficient and province-wide access to state-of-the-art urgent care and proactive, ongoing health maintenance.

The IBD Centre of BC’s multidisciplinary teams draw upon a wide range of IBD-trained specialists — including gastroenterologists, nurses, psychiatrist, psychologist, dietitian, and world-class research team — to implement proactive and personalized treatment plans based on the whole patient and their specific needs.

Our services provide far-reaching benefits — not just to patients and their families but to all British Columbians through public health-care cost savings and efficiencies.

By 2025, The IBD Centre of BC expects to achieve the following outcomes:


Reduction in emergency room visits by IBD patients


Reduction in IBD patient hospital admissions and readmissions


Reduction in waitlists for gastroenterologists specializing in IBD


Reduction in the number of IBD patients who are steroid dependent


Improvement in IBD patient satisfaction due to improved quality of care, timely access to care, more accurate assessments and increased monitoring


Reduction in the number of IBD-related surgeries


Reduction in length of hospital stay for IBD patients

Providing personalized care to British Columbians with IBD

The IBD Centre of BC is headquartered in Vancouver, but we treat patients from every corner of the province, from Terrace to Tumbler Ridge, Fort Langley to Fort St. John, Victoria to Vanderhoof. Patients who can’t travel to our clinic can still access the expertise and support of our team through telehealth, which allows us to connect one-to-one using the latest digital video communications technologies. We also use similar technology to keep medical professionals all over BC up to date on the latest research and best practices in IBD care.